AERODYNAMIC is the unabridged version of Angels and Their Hourglasses, the book that won the 2012 Global Award for Popular Literature in Fiction, and took the Gold in the 2011 eLit Awards in Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Strap in for a captivating saga, set in a momentous period of American history. Young Ben Ryan and his antique Waco biplane, thrust eighty-five
years back in time, crash-land in America’s bygone era; the pioneer days of aviation.

Stranded in a country ravaged by the great Depression,he must learn—the hard way—the customs and hazards of an America that's long since been relegated to the history books.

In 1929, the good people of Springfield, Massachusetts possess a simple, disarming grace and beauty that captures Ben’s heart. This way of life, and these folks—once nothing more than a hobby to him—are now real, and his once-simple pastime holds the key to their future.

An epic journey ensues, a quest to bring a brighter future to his past and present hometown, his country, and a world engulfed in poverty and turmoil.
AERODYNAMIC is a voyage of pure adventure, as riveting and heart-grabbing as the history it travels through.

For the first time, read it the way J.M. Surra first wrote it, with the deleted scenes restored, and with its original title, AERODYNAMIC - the title J.M. chose on the first day he sat down to write it.