J.M. is the Mac!!!!!!!XXXX
                  Sam Baker - Fan from the U.K.
Hmm, that's funny, Chris,
I can't wait for you to narrate Aerodynamic either! (Sighs, tapping foot.)
Seriously, folks, Chris is an amazing audiobook narrator, and he knocked it out of the park with T.I.T.O.R.
When it comes to narrators, Chris Roman is the real deal.
Thanks for the kind words, Chris.
                                                                         J.M. Surra
It was an absolute honor to narrate T.I.T.O.R. for J.M. Surra. The story was such a great read; as I narrated it, I felt a part of the story. I'm presently reading J.M.'s next book, Aerodynamic, preparing to narrate it, and I can already tell I'm going to feel the same way about it.
I can't wait to narrate it!
J.M. is the real deal; I love his books and he is a great friend as well.
                   Chris Roman - audiobook narrator
                          Narrator of T.I.T.O.R.

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