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When J.M. has something non-specific to say, such as an observation about the weather, or something he likes, this is where he'll post it.
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My new website!

Welcome, folks!

The new website is finally up, and except for a few details that we have yet to mop-up, it's beautiful. I was looking for something that says, "J.M. writes Sci-Fi, but his work is so much more than that. It's history, and people, and interaction, and beauty, and so much more."  Overall, I think the site is a masterpiece. I can finally talk to my fans, and they can talk to me as well.

I've recently moved to Washington State, and I now live near the Tacoma Narrows, on the shores of Puget Sound. When I say the beauty of this state is unimaginable, I mean that you can picture it in your head, but it'll never prepare you for what you'll find looking out over Puget Sound, or the majesty of Mount Rainier towering over us with its snow cap. I want to thank every one of you who ever bought one of my books. It's because of you that I'm able to be here in Washington State. You're the BEST.