2012 eLit Award winner for Sci-Fi

2013 Global Awards winner

In early July of 1947, something

crashed in Roswell, New Mexico..

Rose Rios, Jeff Waldron, and Ephraim Caine are the top quantum physicists for Project T.I.T.O.R., and the creators of hop machines, complex crafts designed to do one thing: penetrate the time barrier.

The focus of Project T.I.T.O.R. is to send hop crews back through time to identify the reasons for a nuclear exchange in 2015, and to find some way to change history, to stop it, or prevent it. In the 85 years since the bombs fell, the Earth has declined steadily, and its ability to support life is all but gone.

With so much of the earth scorched and desolate, little evidence remains to tell them what caused the nuclear war. Forced to expend more of their dwindling, desperately-needed supplies with each hop into the past, they probe history, seeking answers while doing their best to prevent further incursions to their timeline. What limited information they’ve gathered is inconclusive; indicating only that the “UFO” wreckage found in Roswell, New Mexico in early July of 1947 was somehow involved in starting the war.

Then, in a mind-bending twist of fate, Hop 206 tumbles from the sky, out of control. The date it crashes: Early in July of 1947. The location: A sleepy town in America’s southwest few people have ever seen or heard of; Roswell, New Mexico. Too late, Rose, Jeff, and Ephraim realize their efforts to save humanity with project T.I.T.O.R. are the cause of the war. They've triggered the very historic events they'd hoped to prevent.

Back in 1947, soft-spoken rancher Mac Brazel finds a mess on his land, and doing his civic duty, he reports it to the authorities. Little does he know that he’s found something that belongs neither in his time nor on his land, and he's about to be inextricably drawn into a maelstrom of government lies, abuse, deceit, and conspiracies that extend to the highest echelons and the darkest corners of the nation's capital. 

The wreckage – and the Roswell legend itself – are in the hands of those destined to fuel the fires of America’s conspiracy theorist culture; moved in secret from the rugged New Mexico country, crisscrossing America, kept safe and ultimately secreted from prying eyes in a top-secret base in the Black Hills of South Dakota. America’s military enters a state of heightened alert, constant motion, and transition; every base in America sees change from the ripple effect caused by a mysterious crash on a remote New Mexico ranch.

In 2098, the personnel at Project T.I.T.O.R. finally have some of the answers they sought, but have raised more questions than they had before. And even as they refocus and redouble their efforts, the loss of Hop 206 causes those at the top levels of the government to call for the immediate termination of the program.

It’s a race against time. With resources all but exhausted, they must find a way to make one last hop into the past, to take their last chance to change history--before time runs out for them all.
It’s 2098.